US Pharmacist Salaries by Specialty

The pharmacy job sector is a growing one, providing very god opportunities for pharmacists. Earnings for pharmacists are generally high, but as with any industry and job sector salaries will vary due a variety of factors. These factors may include; geographical location, experience, specialty within the sector and the institution you work in. Other factors which affect pharmacist salaries may also include the requirements to work shift patterns and be available to work over some holidays. This article will explore the variations in pharmacist salaries based on the different specialties. It is also important to note that these will also differ depending on the other factors mentioned.
A significant factor which has salaries going in the right direction for pharmacists is the fact that because of limited training programs there is a huge demand for qualified pharmacists. Below are some of the pharmacy specialties with their related average annual salaries across the whole of the United States.

US Pharmacist Salaries by Specialty

US Pharmacist Salaries by Specialty












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As can be seen from the list above there is a notable difference between the salaries paid to the different specialists within the pharmacy profession. If you are training to be a pharmacist or are already in another job you now have an idea of what salary you should expect.

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