Pharmacist Job Description

Pharmacist Job Description

Pharmacist Job Description

Your doctor isn’t in and you have questions about a medication. Where do you go? Whom do you ask? The answer in both cases is your friendly pharmacist. He or she is that health care professional behind the counter at your local drugstore or pharmacy.As reassuring as it may be to answer questions, your local pharmacist is responsible for much more than informing customers about medication.  Pharmacist Job Description may often include but not limited to:


  • Accept and dispense prescription medications
  • counseling patients on drug therapies
  • following state and federal drug laws regulated by the state board of pharmacy
  • directing the work flow of technicians
  • participating in the latest pharmacological knowledge by attending workshops and reviewing professional publications
  • protecting patients by adhering to infection control procedures 
  •  work as an educator concerning certain medical disorders 
  • Provide Education to patients on proper use of medical devices such as blood pressure monitor and glucose meters

In times past, pharmacists were also skilled at making medicines from herbs or minerals. Today, pharmaceutical companies usually take that role. They too employ pharmacists. Generally, however, most pharmacists work in drugstores and pharmacies. They are also employed by hospitals, retail and grocery stores, research laboratories, the armed forces, and research settings.


Pharmacist Job Description can vary depend on where you work and what type of pharmacist job you are doing, so be sure to check with your employer about the details of your Pharmacist Job Description.


Licensed pharmacists earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, called a Pharm. D., over a four-year period. They are accredited by the Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education (ACPE). They must be licensed by the state in which they work. State requirements differ, but all pharmacists must pass the North American Pharmacist Exam.


The average U.S. pharmacist makes a yearly salary of about $114,000. Their job outlook is good and growing better, in part because Americans are living longer. With an older population, more medicines are needed. As new drugs are constantly introduced into the market, the need for the pharmacist’s expertise becomes more necessary.


The American pharmacist, according to Money magazine, has one of the Top Ten best jobs in America. Why? Even though the work can be physically demanding, pharmacists usually:


  • work in clean, well-ventilated areas
  • wear protective equipment when working with dangerous products
  • can often adjust their work schedule since many pharmacies may be open nights,weekends, or holidays


The role of the U.S. pharmacist may expand with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The State of California, for instance, has passed a law that will allow “advanced practice” pharmacists to treat patients directly by dispensing drugs and vaccinations and ordering certain tests. With a current shortage of primary care doctors, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, more collaboration between doctors and pharmacists may help to ease the problem. Instead of a trip to the doctor, patients might be able to seek primary care help from their friendly pharmacist.


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