Clinical Pharmacist Salary

Are you interested in becoming a clinical pharmacist and want to know more about clinical pharmacist salary? Keep reading and find out.
Clinical Pharmacist Salary

 Definition of  clinical pharmacist

According to American College of Clinical Pharmacy ( ACCP ): “Clinical pharmacists work directly with doctors, other health professionals, and patients to ensure that the medications prescribed for patients contribute to the best possible health outcomes. Clinical pharmacists practice in health care settings where they have frequent and regular interactions with doctors and other health professionals, contributing to better coordination of care.

The clinical pharmacist is educated and trained in direct patient care environments, including medical centers, clinics, and a variety of other health care settings. Clinical pharmacists are frequently granted patient care privileges by collaborating doctors and/or health systems that allow them to perform a full range of medication decision-making functions as part of the patient’s health care team. These privileges are granted on the basis of the clinical pharmacist’s demonstrated knowledge of medication therapy and record of clinical experience. This specialized knowledge and clinical experience is usually gained through residency training and specialist board certification.”

clinical pharmacist job description

Some of the clinical pharmacist job description include the following:

  • Analyze the standing of the patient’s health and wellness issues and determine whether the recommended medicines are efficiently complying with the person’s requirements and goals of treatment.
  • Speak with the person’s physicians and various other healthcare carriers in picking the medication therapy that best meets the person’s necessities and provides effectively to the overall treatment targets.
  • Suggest the patient on the best ways to best take his or her medications.
  • coordinating the pharmacy technician ´s duties
  • Assistance the health care team’s initiatives to inform the patient on other important steps to boost or maintain health and wellness, such as physical exercise, diet, and preventive steps like immunization.

Clinical pharmacist job description varies in different country and working environment, check with your work place for your  Clinical pharmacist job description .

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clinical pharmacist work environment

There are a lot of different settings that a clinical pharmacist  can work :

hospitals , clinics, emergency departments, community pharmacies, doctors’ offices,  nursing homes, and managed care organizations.

Starting from 2014, health care providers can  request a clinical pharmacy consult from a member of The Panel of Volunteer Clinical Pharmacists.

clinical pharmacist salary  ( According to Indeed Jan 4, 2014)

Average Clinical Pharmacist salary is $ 111,000 USD in United States.

Average Clinical Pharmacist salary is $ 111,000 USD in Australia.

Average Clinical Pharmacist salary is $ 57,000 USD in United Kingdom.

Average Clinical Pharmacist salary is $ 67,000 USD in Canada.


clinical pharmacist salary varies from country to country, I hope you gain some useful information about clinical pharmacist salary in this article.





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