Pharmacist Salary – How Much Does Pharmacist Make


Are you planning on pursuing a career in pharmacy? Looking for information on pharmacist salary and regular job duties that pharmacists do? Here is a comprehensive review of pharmacist jobs and what to expect in terms of wages.

Pharmacist Salary – How Much Does Pharmacist Make

Pharmacist Salary – How Much Does Pharmacist Make

A pharmacist works with other healthcare members in providing care to patients. They prepare medication and give pharmacological data to the multidisciplinary healthcare team. Pharmacists also play a key role in patient drug therapies in that they make sure the drug regimen is compatible with the individual patient’s circumstances. An incompatibility with medication can cause severe reactions to the patient.

On a daily basis, a pharmacist prepares prescription drugs ordered by a patient’s primary physician. They interpret and review the orders to ascertain that the correct drug and dosage is used and that the correct patient receives it.

Pharmacists also dispense the supply of medication to the rest of the facility. They compound, package, and label medication properly, from tablets to vials. If inventory is not properly managed and recorded, the facility is at risk of running out of supplies hence rendering them unable to provide the necessary care and treatment their patients need.

pharmacist is also tasked in controlling medication administration by adjusting drug therapies as needed and advising further interventions if called for. Operational requisites are also completed by a pharmacist. They facilitate and direct technician’s workflow and verify their preparation and labeling of medication.

Now that you’ve got a preview of what a pharmacist’s everyday work is all about, let’s discuss an important catalyst – pharmacist salary. How much can you make out of a career in pharmacy?

The average pharmacist salary varies based on a number of  factors including their individual experience, the company they are working for, the state or country in which they practice their craft, and so forth.

For U.S. based pharmacists, the Mean annual wage in 2012 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $114,950. The highest paid 10 percent of this work force takes home about $145,910 per year. Meanwhile, the lowest paid pharmacists earn $89,280 per year. Alaska  is reported to be the highest paying state for pharmacists in the United States.


Now you have some idea on pharmacist salary. If you want to improve your chances of getting employed and increasing your pay rate as fast as possible, getting a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy is essential. If possible, you should also take further study that have relevance to the field.

Pharmacist Salary 2012 - Annual mean wage in U.S.

StateAnnual mean wage
Alabama$ 120130
Alaska$ 129170
Arizona$ 120920
Arkansas$ 111050
California$ 125800
Colorado$ 113700
Connecticut$ 117300
Delaware$ 121830
Florida$ 113590
Guam$ 83160
Hawaii$ 114360
Idaho$ 109680
Illinois$ 111240
New Hampshire$121020
New Jersey$110090
New Mexico$118370
New York$116430
North Carolina$119370
North Dakota$111450
Puerto Rico$76980
Rhode Island$102410
South Carolina$114900
South Dakota$107700
Virgin Islands$109380
West Virginia$117320
* Source : Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Pharmacists.

*Data and information are provided for informational purposes only. PharmacistSalaryJobs does not purport that the information provided is accurate or up to date. Nor does PharmacistSalaryJobs accept any liability for the provision of this information.

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